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in my blog, I create works about things that I personally connect with or am trying to connect with so that you can connect with those things too. such as nature and the personal experiences we go through.
Everything I write is KFC themed. I enjoy writing wholesome and funny short stories. I am open to advise and will do my best to respond to questions and comments.
This is where I write anything and everything. Essentially, this is my “brain dump.”
this is a place where i put my book ideas so that one day, i could maybe be an author... i put truth and personal things in my characters, so please be nice..
Random stuff I write, probably inspired by random things
A collective of short fantasy, science fiction, and dystopian stories. Poetry will also be occasionally included. Expect darker topics and content warnings on multiple stories!
The words that I scribble to get the ink to flow. Every week I try to explore a new interest.
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Cute lil poetry (dreams,emotions, darkness,light,and heart)
I write about stuff that I’ve accomplish in my life and other things.
boarding at night hitting a jump drinking a redbull and feeling pumped
A blog about motivation to help with the roughs of life.

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