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The Great Gatsby | Reading for Meaning (Unit 1)

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The Great Gatsby is a book written nearly 100 years ago. A lot changes over 100 years, but is human nature one of those things? Fitzgerald’s masterpiece reveals the tensions we experience when pulled by our future and past. His book explores the complicated relationship between status, wealth, tradition, and success. He brings into question the nature of love and its counterfeits.
Overall, the book is like a photograph of an era long gone. It captures the social, cultural, and emotional patterns of the 20s. At the same time, the book is a lens we can use to view ourselves today, in all our virtue and vice.

What We’ll Learn About

Books are like rich soil; meaning is like seeds resting within. It’s only until you learn to engage with a book in thoughtful ways that its beauty and insight bloom. This unit will help you practice the skills to do this.
You’ll learn to take notes in practical, helpful ways.
You’ll practice having a reading focus so your time spent with the book is purposeful.
You’ll learn the literary devices authors use to convey meaning.

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