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Self-Propelled Unit (Unit 4)



For the next few weeks, you’ll design your own unit centered on something you want to learn and accomplish. Here are the options to choose from (click the triangle to get the full explanation):
Read & Analyze
Find something you want to read.
Decide your focus for reading
Craft: I want to analyze how the author was able to make the work they made. How is the narrative shape of the story? How are the characters developed? What are the sentence structures? What are the beautiful sentences the author wrote?
Meaning: What new insights does the writing offer to the reader? What does it say about life? What do I learn about myself because I read it?
Read and keep note of your focus.
You could keep notes on paper or on a Google document.
Read, Compare, and Share
Find something you want to read.
Make connections between the book and some other text (book, film, tv show, album, etc.).
After reading you’ll present to the class a simple report of the connections you have made.
Writing Study
Select one of the following genres you’d like to improve at:
School paper/college paper
Short Story
Creative Nonfiction (writing from your own life)
Study 2 examples of the genre and make a Must Have/Could Have chart.
Write the thing.
Get feedback.
Revise the thing.

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