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How does Mr. Merrill’s grading system work?
View this slideshow I showed my students for an overview.
Simply put, each student proposes a grade for themself which I then approve. In order to be approved, the proposed grade needs to match the Rules & Guidelines for that grade. Click these links for more detail: | .
One thing students reference to propose a grade is the percentage of work they’ve passed off. Work is divided into two categories (Concepts and Assignments). If their work has been passed off, it is marked with a 2 in Infinite Campus. If it has been turned in and needs to be revised, it is marked with a 1. If it is marked with an “M” then it is missing.
Your student is on track if they have mostly 2’s in Infinite Campus. If a lot of their work is marked with an “M” or “1/0,” they may need additional support finishing their work. Don’t use the percentage showing in Infinite Campus as a guide.
What about late work?
I accept late work without penalty as long as it is submitted before the work expires. The risk is that the longer a student takes to turn something in, the less time there is for me to provide feedback and for the student to revise and improve.
While there is no direct penalty to an assignment for it being turned in late, having multiple assignments turned in late would lead to a lower grade. Refer to the Grade Guides for more information: | .
I have created countdowns for everything students are expected to turn in: | .
What are Mr. Merrill’s Classroom policies?
Refer to the disclosure documents for this information: | | .
What is my student learning in Mr. Merrill’s class?
I’m glad you’re curious! Check out the following pages for that information: | | .
How can I support my student?
Ask them what they are learning about!
Help them build the habit of checking Infinite Campus regularly to see if they need to submit or revise any work. Infinite Campus is like a to-do list. (Work marked as “Missing” or with a “1/0” can be turned in and revised up until the expiration date.)
If a student has mostly 2’s in Infinite Campus, then they’re doing good. If most of their work is marked with an “M” or “1/0,” they may need additional support finishing their work.

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