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In order to pass the class:
On Infinite Campus, when you add the 1s and 2s together, the total must be 17 or higher. (This is equivalent to 60%.) If the total is less than 17, you fail the term.
If you want to propose an A for yourself:
You must achieve your reading/writing goal for the term.
You’ve put in the energy to improve your work and pass off everything in the “Concept” category. (They are all 2s.)
(The number needed to pass the term may change. I will update this page if it does.)
The minimum number needed to pass Term 2 was 16.
The minimum number needed to pass Term 3 was 18.

An A student doesn’t have missing work. Almost everything in the “Assignment” category is at a 2. All but 2-3 things are turned in on time (because life happens). Late work isn’t a common occurrence.
An A student asks questions when they have them and shares their thoughts in class conversations. They are engaged in what is happening in the classroom and aren’t distracted by their phones. The people around an A student feel uplifted and encouraged to work hard and learn.
A B student tries hard to improve. While a few assignments may be missing or late, everything in the “Concept” category has been turned in, and most of them are marked with a 2.
A B student cares about learning but occasionally tunes out of class by getting on their phone or playing games. For the most part, though, they focus and do their work.
A C student tries but not that hard. They put in effort here and there, but could have done more to learn and improve. Lots of assignments are turned in late or are missing.
A C student is often on their phone. While being physically in the class, they rarely fully “show up” because they spend a lot of time on their phone, talking with others, or doing other things. Their behavior may be an obstacle to other people learning.
A D student doesn’t care to improve. This is evident because they put in little effort and only rarely try to revise their work. Maybe a good chunk of assignments are late or missing. They do the bare minimum, just enough to pass.

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