Creative Writing

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Blog and Comment Guidelines

In this class, we seek to offer beauty and insight to whomever may read our blogs. Through our blogs, we share our unique view of the world. While not avoiding the ugliness of life we don’t give it more gravity than it deserves.


Write from your soul
Be honest
Be bold
Make the world better because of what you publish
for each post.


Don’t include gratuitous violence, sexual content, language, etc.
Don’t use your blog as a means of harm

Commenting on Blogs

When commenting on blogs, spread goodness. Support and encourage the author. This can be done by acknowledging their thoughts and ideas, expressing gratitude for the information shared, and providing positive feedback.
It is not appropriate to use comments as a platform for criticism or offering unsolicited advice. Remember, the goal is to create a positive and welcoming community for all readers and writers.

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